The Best Coffee Is At Home

For those who have ever dream to have home a perfectly balanced “Cappucino” or “Latte” tasting like the ones we can get at “Café Grumpy” in NYC, the answer is Nespresso pixie espresso maker. As a tourist in NYC I went to this coffee shop wondering what taste my “Cappucino” would be..and it was just delicious. Since then, I decided to get a Nespresso pixie espresso maker in order to have home “the best coffee in town” having in my mind the good memories of that summer holidays with my boyfriend now being my husband. I chose this particular coffee maker because I liked the cut design and color matching the color of my kitchen which is all brand new and, furthermore, it has a small handy size which is quite attractive. I am the type of being grumpy ( friendly applation for this nice coffee shop don’t you think?) when I just wake up and badly needs a good coffee to get my eyes straight. I must say that I love coffee. it makes me feel all warm in the inside and is an essential part of my day. In fact, it’s right up there with showering and brushing my teeth as a daily necessity.

While many may laugh at this addiction, others will nod their heads in agreement.I hate spending some time preparing it though, so Nespresso Pixie is just perfect to people like me as it allows us to prepare coffee very quickly. It has the capability to heat up very quickly and the coffee we get is very good and tasty, very hot which is a prerequisite for me, with excellent crema, just like the one you get at your favorite coffee shop.

Furthermore, its small size suits small kitchens which is practical when you live in an tiny apartment in the city. I often prepare a coffee to my husband tasting mine at the same time, that I bring to him in bed. I can tell you that’s the time of the day when I get the bigger smile on his scary sleepy face. In case you’ve been living under a rock for ther past 21 yearts of your life, let me clear something up for you Coffee is good for your health. Science agrees. It happens that I am addicted to coffee but not any coffee, I am quite fussy on tastes too, you may since I now that Coffee lovers are more likely to live longer, to be better athletes ( both on the field and at the gym), I am not ready to quite this habit, neither my husband. Sometimes after dinner when we feel like having a little treat, we pour our espresso over ice cream for a refreshing affogato. There is always adventure involved in tasting the mix of new flavors. I drink coffee like some people may drink wine. I could spend half of my day sitting down, grabbing a book an brewing up a cup of coffee. Having said this, it actually made me crave another cup of coffee today. I cannot wait to enjoy it.

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