How To Choose a Right Espresso Machine?

There are basically two types of machines used in making espresso coffee. These machines include:

1. Steam driven machine

2. Pump driven machine

Below we are going to analyze the features of each and later at the end of the article make a conclusion as to what best nespresso machine to buy in order to make espresso coffee.


This espresso making machine uses steam pressure to make coffee. It forces the water to pass through the coffee grounds and produce espresso. Steam driven machine produce foam but do not provide the precise temperature required for a perfect espresso. One main advantage of the steam driven machine is that it costs less than the pump driven machine.


They pump driven machines use an electric powered pump to force water through the coffee grounds. There are two types of pump driven espresso making machines. They include:

  • Super automatic espresso machines
  • Semi automatic espresso machines

I am going to review this two types, how they work and their features.

Super automatic espresso machines – They are fully automated and almost all of their brewing operations are carried out with a press of a button. The brewers role is limited to filling the hopper with coffee ground and turning the machine on. The features of a super automatic espresso machine are as below:

  • Filling of water can be done manually or the user can connect the machine to a source where by the water is filled automatically.
  • The super automated espresso machine is one touch kind of a machine. All one is required to do is fill the coffee grounds and within minutes he or she has has his espresso ready.
  • There are models of the above machine that can dispense milk hence more options e.g. making latte.

Semi-automatic espresso machine – This is a machine that is not fully automated. Some operations are manually carried out while others are automatic. This espresso machine allows one to add a personal touch to his cup of espresso. The features include:

  • Controlled water temperature and pressure hence elimination of inconsistencies
  • One can adjust the steam and water flow to his liking.
  • Pump is manually operated hence can turn it on and off as he desires.iv. Lack of an in built grinder hence one has to use ground coffee.


If one does not have a big budget and wants to buy a cheap espresso machine then he should buy a steam driven espresso machine.
For persons who want to add a personal touch to their espresso a semi automatic espresso machine is the way to go but it is also tedious.
If one wants a good quality cup of espresso coffee he should buy a pump driven espresso machine and in that case a semi automatic espresso machine.
People who are busy and do not have much time to spend making coffee, they should buy the super automatic espresso machine.

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