Tips For The Backpacking Made Easy

It is always a good news for a mother and her family to welcome a new little one.  In case if the to be mom is very fond of camping then she would feel her stare as a hurdle. She may think that she cannot go for camping trips any more. But she is wrong as she can still have fun while being in this state. Certainly you can plan a trekking and camping trip, but there are precautions to be taken. It will keep your baby in the womb very secured. The precautions are mentioned in the article. These points must be taken care while you plan an adventure and fun trip while you are pregnant.

  • Meet your Doctor and follow the doctor’s advice before planning the trip

It is a necessity to seek  your gynecologist suggestions before you decide and plan the adventure trip. Before you leave for the trip get yourself thoroughly checked. The doctor would check your medical fitness and the pregnancy status. If there are no complications then the doctor would certainly give you a go ahead for the trip. If you are an experienced hiker then you should not face any difficulty in taking up such camping trip. There would be certain norms that you will have to strictly follow. Few examples do not go all alone on the trip. Get someone’s company. Do not go to higher levels and do not indulge yourself in climbing the steep rocks. You need to carry certain kinds of food according to the doctor’s advice. You need to take the vaccinations that  would be suggested by your gynecologist. To make your trip safe and secured take all possible precautions  so the baby in your womb stays comfortable.

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  • Carry  light camping equipments and gears.

The need is to carry light gears that are required during the trip. Nowadays all outdoor stores are well equipped with the light weight gears. You need to shell out some extra money to get the light weight equipments. It is easy to get tired fast while you are pregnant. Buy light weight hiking shoes. As you will be travelling along a partner, let him carry half of the weight. You would be carrying the essential items like –tent, rain jacket, prescribed medicines, best backpacking stove, sleeping bag, water filter, sunglasses, sunscreen cooking sachets etc. to keep yourself light do not hesitate in shelling out the extra bucks. It is for your own safety. Search the stuff online as you do not need to rush anywhere. Many good products and brands are available online and they do free home delivery too.

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  • Take easy trails for the trip

An expectant mother should take it easy on the camping region. Even if you are one of the best hiker and are very tempted to go on the difficult trails, then also do not do it for the little life breathing inside you. You can keep all your temptations inside and fulfil them later. You need to stay away from any kind of accidental regions and situations. Prefer to go on the flat terrains. Avoid going on the rocks as climbing down the rocks may create a threat. Safety should be the priority and then think about the adventure part.  You must not starve or stay thirsty. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water. Rest whenever you feel tired. Do not push yourself very hard. Well cover your knees. Always keep some handy food like nuts, dried fruits, etc. with you. Stay in touch with your family and the doctor. Carry mosquito repellents to avoid yourself from mosquito bites.

Select your trip to such place where there is a natural source of water. You have to drink filtered water only. Stay away from any type of contamination and infections. Use the hand sanitizer. Protect yourself from any  situation where you can be injured or fall. Take help of your camping partner whenever needed. Contact your doctor immediately if you feel something unusual with your body. The doctor must know your schedule of the camping and must be aware of getting any calls from your end.